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Roundtable Reports

Exploring Community Needs in Arlington: A LINK led initiative.  

Community Needs Roundtable: Full Report

Housing Roundtable: A community conversation about the state of housing in our community (held March 28, 2019)

Housing Roundtable: Full Report
Housing Roundtable: Appendix 2
Housing Roundtable: Appendix 3
Housing Roundtable: Appendix 4

Health Roundtable: My Health. My Voice. A community conversation about being healthy in Arlington (held November 1, 2018)

Health Roundtable: Full Report
Health Roundtable: Appendix 2 Table Analysis
Health Roundtable: Appendix 3 Raw Table Notes

Education Roundtable: Working Together to Help our Children Succeed (held August 23, 2018)

Education Roundtable: Executive Summary
Education Roundtable: Full Report
Education Roundtable: Appendix

The Data Walk

The Community Progress Network has culled numerous quality sources to present data, trends, and analyses on general demographics in Arlington County, along with issues of Housing, Education, Health & Wellness, and Workforce – the elements all of us need for a successful and stable life. We are using the Data Walk as an educational tool to raise awareness around issues of poverty within our community – issues that may not be on your radar on a day-to-day basis, but which affect a third of our neighbors.

Explore the Data Walk.

If you would like to display our Data Walk at your organization, faith community, or civic group, please email aelborno@apah.org.


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